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people to fun,
joy, and the
doors of

while also fostering
between people, enabling
satisfaction to be
found anywhere
in the world.

and influencers on
social network
channels can
generate stable
income from
their content.

About Us

We are

The convergence of digital platforms, people, data, artificial intelligence, and cultural content!
A transformation driven by digital innovation and a new media market! Addeep, a user and data-centric social media service, is creating a new wave of innovation in digital platforms.

Addeep, with its strategic convergence of S/W platform technology, media and commerce industries, data streaming, digital marketing, culture, and entertainment, emerges as a global innovative technology company in the Cloud Streaming, Media, Gaming, Commerce Platform industry, creating a new paradigm in the digital platform ecosystem.
We are dedicated to creating a valuable and convenient data service boundary to establish our distinctive business model, the "Addeep Platform," in order to generate coexisting value for customers and users worldwide.
Addeep's smart culture embodies everyone's joyful pursuit of challenges.
Building upon cloud software platform technology, we revolutionize the digital content service system, aiming toward a smarter cultural world. It is a space where developers, creators, and experts from various fields worldwide can experience limitless challenges and innovations, constantly creating new value. Welcome to the "Addeep Platform," a space that instills "hope" for all.

We embark on a leap towards becoming a global company, bringing together top talents from around the world, with a strong foundation in software core competencies in Korea, the United States, India, and Southeast Asia.
The business model pursued by Addeep represents the integration of digital transformative media, combining cloud technology, commerce platforms, AI, data, and media. Our vision is to create a culture and content-integrated platform service, where Sea, Sky, and Star (S3) become the dreams and hopes of us all, opening new horizons in the digital platform industry ecosystem.
Our vision revolves around our business model, the "Global Addeep Platform," which fosters the value of coexistence and provides fair, free, and convenient access to smart platforms and content services. Together, through desirable collaboration and individual imagination, we envision a future where we all experience the benefits of convenient service platform technology firsthand. We innovate by offering useful, convenient, and essential services through innovative methods, enabling people to share and enjoy them together.
We Bridge Values.

About Us

Team Work

Outstanding manpower! Creative brains! High-potential core capabilities!
With the expertise of top professionals in the field of digital platform services and advanced technical capabilities,
we lead the way in driving innovative transformations within the global platform ecosystem.

  • Addeep Inc. Chief Vision Officer / CVO
  • Addeep US Inc. CEO
  • Founder & Chairman of the board
  • Kevin Jaeyoung Yoon
  • Hayfield University Graduate School of Business MBA
  • Completed CFO Academy at Seoul National University Graduate School of Business
  • Founder of Addeep Group
  • Former TiTANPLATFORM CORP. FOUNDER. Chairman of the Board & CEO
  • Current Launched Addeep Platform Series Product Global Service, R&D S2E SNS Service, and Base Digital Platform Service.
  • Founder of "ACI" content security technology for protecting digital content rights
  • Founder of "ACT" content automatic convergence technology & multiple media content automatic creation technology
  • Commercialized OTT smart content platform and smart device, as well as AI social robot product series
  • Expert in network information security products, integrated security solution development, and related consulting services
Major Awards
  • 2016 ICOTEC International Copyright Technology Conference, awarded for copyright technology
  • 2017 18th Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, awarded the Prime Minister's Award
  • 2017 received the US White House Donald Trump Presidential Award
  • Addeep Inc. CEO
  • Chris Kang, 강경수
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Woosong University
  • Former Vice President and COO of Titan Platform
  • Expert in network integration, information security development, and security consulting
  • Managed operations and established global business strategies, administrative management for 7 overseas subsidiaries
  • Established network cooperation partnerships for business expansion in France, Switzerland, and other EU countries
  • Established and operated IDC data infrastructure services for smart content services in collaboration with China Unicom
  • Addeep Inc. CPO
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Edward Kim, 김영곤
  • MS in Electronic Engineering, Hanbat National University
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) AIP completion
  • F) CPO of Titan Platform
  • Electronic Engineering Bachelor/Master Major Mp3 Player F/W, S/W Media contents S/W development.
  • CPO, PM Development Supervision
    - Karaoke content accompaniment product development
    - Content security technology research and development
  • Development of digital content certification system and development of content protection technology
  • General management of media platform development and blockchain R&D
  • 4D time-slice, RTSP/HLS streaming technology SDK design & implementation
  • Automated advertisement creation AI research and development through digital content data analysis
  • Thesis : "Development of new technique for the efficient resource management of embedded system"
  • Addeep Inc. CMO
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Eric Lee, 이상호
  • Bachelor degree in International Trade Business administration, Myongji University
  • SKT Coloring Musepia Service Planning, Content Production​
  • SM Entertainment WEB IP management
  • Korea Coast Guard’ mobile ‘blue phone’ solution planning
  • CSKT, KTF mobile bookstore platform operation
  • SK Planet Smartphone Wallpaper Service CUKI
    - Planning/Operation/Development PM
  • Alba Heaven, Find Job Web Service Planning/Operation PM​
  • Makestar Platform Business Planning PL​
  • Platz CMO

About Us


  • Addeep Inc. Legal Advisor
  • Cheol Kim, 김 철
Education/Major awards & Major Career
  • Bachelor of Public Law, College of Law, Seoul National University
  • Passed the 34th bar exam
  • Completion of the Judicial Research and Training Institute (24th class)
  • C) Representative Attorney at Law Firm, The Yunseung
  • F) Gwangju District Prosecutor's Office Violent Chief Prosecutor
  • F) Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office Prosecutor
  • F) Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor
  • F) Commissioned as a prosecutor at the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office
  • Addeep Inc. Financial Advisor
  • Jinwan Cho, 조진완
Education/Major awards & Major Career
  • PhD in Business Administration (Financial Economics), Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of Illinois Master of Finance, Master of Applied Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Economics, Seoul National University
  • C) President of Korea Institute of Finance Industry
  • C) Chairman of the Fund Management Committee of the Specialized Construction Mutual Aid Association
  • F) Co-CEO of International Arbitration and Alliance Group
  • F) Korea University Business School Professor
  • F) Korea University Business School MBA Head Professor
  • F) Exchange Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ajou University Education Excellence Award
  • Korea University Seoktap Lecture Award/Excellent Lecture Award
  • Korea Securities Association Best Paper Award
  • Addeep Inc. Business Strategy Advisor
  • Rhee Sanggi, 이상기
Education/Major awards & Major Career
  • 36th Korea Military Academy
  • Master of Science in Journalism and Broadcasting at the University of Hong Kong (State-funded Study/1986-1989)
  • Master of International Relations at Hanyang University (2004-2006)
  • Doctor of International Economic Law at the National University of Mongolia (2009-2012)
  • Feb.2006-2010 Defence attache at People’s Republic of China and Mongolia
  • Feb.2010 Representative at JP Law Firm Representative Office at People’s Republic of China and Mongolia (Investment in Mineral Resources Development and Mergers & Acquisition)
  • Apr.2013 Non-executive Auditor at Natural F&P (Listed at KONEX)
  • Oct.2014 Policy adviser to the Secretary General of the National Assembly (Foreign Relations and Policy Development)
  • Aug.2016 Visiting Professor at Yong In University (AI Convergence College)
  • Feb.2017 Vice President at World Children Taekwondo Union (worldctu.com)
  • Oct.2017 Vice President (Overseas Operation, Investment, and Trade) of SBW Inc. (Holds 8 companies listed in Korean stock market)
  • Feb.2022 Korea regional General Secretary for WBO (UN NGO World Blockchain Organization)
  • Feb.2022 senior Vice President at Korean ice hockey Association (www.kiha.or.kr)
Awards & Certificate
  • 2009 Mongolian Government Order of Diplomacy
  • 2011 Korean government order of patriotic contribution

About Us

Core Values

Our core values are

  • Prioritizing our HR
  • Aspiring for desirable excellence
  • Embracing challenges and pioneering transformative changes
  • Pursuing wise mutual growth
  • Fostering creative and precision management


The one and only Addeep,
aiming for a clean and desirable digital content world.


Let's strive for small successes.
Let's enjoy challenges and adventures together with the power of unity.
Let's think smart and act appropriately.


Aspiration, Empathy, Agility

Let's collaborate with aspiration, empathy,
and agility to make the most of our precious time.

About Us


Join our team today! Unleash your creativity and potential with us, and connect to social networks globally right now.

Recruitment Purpose

At Addeep, we highly value the safety and satisfaction of the diverse talents who work together to bring our imaginative ideas to reality. Here is an overview of our working environment.

  • Company Location

    Our headquarters in Gangnam, Seoul consists of multiple office spaces. We are also expanding in various cities worldwide, including Seoul, LA, Da Nang, and many others.

  • Wage and Benefits

    Addeep prioritizes the best talents and provides competitive wage packages, including incentives and various welfare benefits such as the four major insurances.

  • Remote Work Support

    To enhance the work environment and productivity, we support remote work to maximize the efficiency of all members.

  • Work-Life Balance

    We offer flexible working hours, generous vacation benefits, and family-oriented work policies. We also provide additional events and welfare benefits based on performance

Addeep Is

Digital Platform Innovation

We aspire to create an integrated platform that smartly connects the mutual needs of all members within the social media platform and media content industry, within the digital platform ecosystem.
We innovate in a user-centric market to make the value of human connections even more enjoyable.

We efficiently accumulate vast amounts of structured and unstructured data by using big data and AI technologies.
Through multidimensional analysis, reinterpretation, and reprocessing, we effectively connect and reallocate all human and material resources surrounding the content market.

Addeep Is

Addeep Summary

Addeep is a S2E media-based Web 3.0 extension platform

S2E media-based AI target advertising service
AI-based targeted e-commerce
Fintech based personal asset payment service
S2E SNS Business economy ecosystem Platform

Addeep is a S2E media service where service users and creators/influencers who create content can earn reward cash that can be used like actual money simply by using the service.
By accumulating reward cash for advertisers, platform operators, users, and creators/influencers, everyone involved in the platform can generate economic profits through income sharing. In the existing platform ecosystem, users were dependent on platform operators and did not receive any rewards or financial gains. As a result, we are launching the Addeep platform, a S2E SNS platform, to users worldwide, based on a reward-based advertising service that revolves around users and participants. The core of Addeep lies in its enhanced AI, differentiated big data analysis, and improved targeted advertising marketing services, forming a platform ecosystem that fairly shares advertising costs with all participants and generates income. Through this, it becomes possible to achieve market innovation where the targeting accuracy converges towards 100% compared to the advertising methods of existing platform operators.
We have optimized the deep learning AI technology by advancing it to a cloud-based data platform technology, enabling various industry customers to conveniently access domain-specific customized services. Furthermore, to protect the ownership of creators' content, we have implemented ACI (Addeep Contents Identifier) content protection technology and blockchain security technology, strengthening IP (intellectual property) protection and allowing content creators to trade their content more freely and securely within the service. We will expand this new platform ecosystem for use by people worldwide, starting with South Korea.

Addeep Is

Addeep SNS to Earn

Addeep Platform

We have innovated and improved our reward service by providing reward cash to all users, enabling them to realize profits for faster service expansion and efficient user satisfaction.

By securing flexible service users, we offer targeted advertising services for advertisers and provide a higher level of digital marketing through customer-specific advertising services and data-driven CRM. Through rapid improvement in user satisfaction and the expansion of social platforms, we grow and advance as a global platform where all users can collaborate. To enhance service and user satisfaction, we provide an expanded platform service that includes Augmented AI, Ads Data, CRM, and ACI.

Advertisers and Digital Marketing

Addeep provides support to advertisers in increasing their target advertising rates through user-specific target ad settings, ensuring customer acquisition and continuous CRM operations at an advanced level. By analyzing big data patterns of targeted users and customers, we offer customized AI advertising/promotional services, contributing to repeat visits and increased sales.

Customer data is a valuable asset for advertisers. We continuously assist advertisers in a precise analysis of all stages of product production, distribution, and sales to facilitate new product launches and product development. The essence of digital marketing lies in advanced data analysis. We provide and advance the integration of efficiency in advertising and the importance of customer management through Addeep Ads.

Service Users

There are various social media platforms and business platforms that exist.

Many users are dependent on powerful platform operators and are paying costs based on different platform service policies. However, there is currently no platform channel that consistently provides users with rewards and revenue generation. At Addeep, we are advancing our income and provide an innovative platform ecosystem where all participants can be connected to diverse profit channels. We offer sustainable profit models to users based on valuable information and targeted advertising services. We strive to create a new social media environment and collaborate with all users.

Creators and Influencers

Addeep Cons reflect the design requirements of Addeep's content to provide digital advertising services for advertisers.

By involving creators and influencers, creative and engaging Addeep content (Shorts videos, memes, emoticons, images) is developed, offering users a variety of advertising services. Through the creation of diverse content and its integration into services, creators are guaranteed steady incomes and sustainable rewards. We will provide creators and influencers with more benefits, creating a harmonious platform ecosystem for all participants. Furthermore, we support content creators with IP protection services using ACI content protection technology to safeguard their content ownership and rights, assisting with IP management.

Particularly the Generation Zalpha, the use of digital content such as Shorts, memes, and emoticons has become popular in personal social media environments.

As communication and information-sharing methods diversify, digital content has found its place in our everyday lives. Addeep serves as a bridge, connecting users easily and conveniently, allowing them to freely communicate and achieve sustained incomes. To provide diverse digital advertising services across various industries, we combine advertisers' ads with Addeep's content. Instead of users purchasing Addeep content, they can freely engage as creators, fostering open communication and creating Addeep content. We aim to create a diverse digital content ecosystem, supporting creators in the development of Addeep content.

Addeep Is

Addeep Business Keywords

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Optimization of AI algorithms
  • Systematization of Big Data accumulation
  • AI applied Service

  • O2O Platform
  • Video Platform
  • Content Platform
  • Commerce Platform

  • Cultural content and Online Commerce

  • Creator
  • Influencer
  • Entertainer
  • Content Ecosystem
  • Content Production Process
  • Redefinition of Media Commerce


The purpose of our technology is new technological innovation for all user ecosystems.

Blog & Social Media Channels

Help & Customer Service

How May I Help You?


Headquarters 2F, 40, Teheran-ro 38-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Partnership Inquiry business@addeeplab.com

Recruitment Inquiry recruit@addeeplab.com


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Innovating the digital platform ecosystem beyond the borders of Korea and into the global market!

In connection with the smart digital world, the production and consumption of digital content are experiencing high growth rates of 10% to 20% annually for each industry in the global platform market.

Creators and producers who connect smart content with cultural environment, planning, market, and global foundation collaborated together and applied information security technology to commercialize innovative social media platform services.

At Addeep, we are launching our social media platform service, the Addeep platform, redefining the landscape of social media platform services by applying cloud, AI, and ACI content data protection technologies to drive innovation in content consumption, distribution, and online commerce services within the existing platform service market.

With a clean and desirable vision towards a smart content world, we are dedicated to becoming a single global Addeep platform, striving for small successes, embracing the power of unity among our members, and taking smart and appropriate actions in our pursuit of innovation and becoming a groundbreaking global platform company.

Based on our innovative global strategies, we will create a smart platform ecosystem in the global market, where innovation and creativity thrive, offering products and services that resonate with and are shared by users worldwide.

As members of Addeep, we will systematize S/W platform technologies worldwide, utilizing creative ideas to provide useful, convenient, and essential products and services. We believe in innovative approaches that enable people to share and interact with one another, enhancing our everyday lives.